Saturday, December 14, 2013

it's been a while..

I tried to create another Blog but really wasn't digging the format and so much has happened since I have last written in here..
We moved.. From North Dakota to Alaska.. It was a adventure. Sadly my Laptop broke and I have no pictures of anything :(
I hope to get  back into the blogging world but can't promise it will be a regular thing..
I did want to share something with you all who might have stuck around.. Our Friends in MO have this amazing little Girl and she was very recently diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia :( Her Parents have created a Facebook Page called Sophie's Sidekicks.. Please pray for this wonderful Family and this amazing sweet Girl. They also have a Caringbridges Page set up.. As well as a Team is doing a Relay for Life in her name. This will take place June 13th 2014..
If you would like to help this family.. be it by sending a Card, a Gift or make a donation please feel free.. Cards can be mailed to the following Address..
Sophie's Sidekicks 
Sophie McGurgan % Chester McFall, 
PO Box 223, 
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Lets show this Family what the Christmas Season is all about!!!
Thank you everyone!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween is gone but have to show you and a new Blog

I know it's done and gone but have to show you the cute Treats I made for the Kiddo's to pass out in Class. Kinda sad that so very few do anything anymore.
Here is what DD got to pass out to her Class.. Something small and simple but sooo cute! I used the Stampin Up Owl Punch.. Chopped off the feet and turned it upside down. Googly Eyes and a small black oval complete this ghostly treat :)
Well seems like Google made some changes. It says I am out of storage and in order to post more Pictures I would have to buy more storage. Kinda bummed about it :( So guess I won't be able to share these anymore.. But if you have a Facebook account you can message me and follow my creations there :) Email me for the Information..

Since I can't post Pictures anymore and have deleted allot of my older posts I decided to create a new Blog on Wordpress.. Here is the new Blog.. I am still learning my way around there so please bear with me. I hope you join me there and visit from time to time.. Mycreativelittlespace

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Project to show

Sorry everyone.. I know I seem to be sorry allot lately. I have been horrible with blogging. I have made Cards for our Monthly Club as well as a Christmas Card Party this past Week.. So much has been happening. My Husband left again till next Year and it's this time of the Year where I seem to have a little harder time.. I started a PT Job at our School and LOVE it. Since it is only PT and at the School I am home when DD gets on the bus and walk to School with DS. It keeps me busy and I don't just sit at home :)
So here is a Project I have made for Club.. I will line some up to keep this blog running for a few Weeks again :) It's snowing out so with Winter arriving I should be getting back into crafting more and I plan on working on catching up the Scrapbook. JoAnn's has these awesome Picture Organizers on Sale. Reg almost $30 marked down to $19. They hold around 2000 pictures and are sectioned off. I ordered 2 so I can get these 1000's of Pics organized for the Kids which should make scrapbooking easier.. My Order should arrive Tuesday so I can get busy.. Next Club isn't till the 18th. It is our final Club :(
Ok enough rambling. I am sure you want to see what I have to show you today :)

I can not figure out how to flip this Picture so I apologize
We stamped the Family on Very Vanilla. The Background Stamp was stamped in Caramel. The Tree is Gold heat embossed. Some Ribbon and this is perfect for display in a 5x7 Frame :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

I am back home

Been back for a bit now but because Hubby is leaving soon for 6+ months I have not sat down to do much of anything.. The Day after I got back we went to Minn to see the Vikings vs 49'ers.. What a Game. I have never been much for Football but now can say I actually sat through a entire Game. It was a wonderful Time.. Josh Duhamel blew the Horn to start the Game. I got some Pics and will share them with you all
I will be back to crafting in a week or so (I hope).. Have something else I am waiting on but can't share yet. After Monday I might depending on what happens..
Here are some Pics from the Game.. Family that went (was our Anniv gift as well as In Laws)
Hubby, BIL and me

 I know it's hard to see him but here is my 1st Pic of Josh

We also got our 1st Snowfall yesterday.. It was pretty  but I am glad it didn't last.. Today it's been light flurries on and off.. It's brrrrr cold outside..
Well hope you enjoyed the Pictures.. I will try to be back next Week with something
Have a blessed Weekend ya'll!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Woodsy or pinks with brown?

I love these Cards where all the pieces are embossed at once.. Here are a few masculine and feminine Cards I came up with.. The pinks/brown was what we used in the past Club.. Easy peasy! Add some bling and voila...

My Friend really loves Cherry Blossom so the background for the Club Card was Cherry Blossom.. I really like how it comes out with the different shades of pink (not gray if you are 1 of those book nuts right now, bahahaha)..
Well that's all for today folks.. Hope you like what you saw..
Thanks for visiting :) Have a wonderful Week ahead!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

forgot Christmas in July and here it's September

So sorry my Posts were not lined up right because the Pics were not close by but oh well.. Guess I could call it Christmas in September..
Here is a Card we made at the July Club.. I really like the Image and stamping it twice to punch out a circle was the 1st thing that came to my mind when I flipped through that Catalog and saw it..
So here is what we made
I chose light blue and shimmer white Cardstock. The Snow flurry emboss folder and added stickles Diamond Glitter glue to each flake.. the Snowmen were lightly colored with colored pencils.. the 2nd snowman was punch out on a separate sheet and adhered with dimensionals
Soooo flippin' cute :)
Wishing you a wonderful Week ahead!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Red and Black is back ;)

I really love the red/black color combo.. don't you? I actually love quite a few combos but anyways!
It's been a rocky road the past few Weeks and I wanted to do something to give to Hubby.. so made this Card with just the thought of using the Alpha Set, squares and Hearts.. this is what it ended up being.. He loved it but then again he loves almost any card or project I make.. just wanted him to know we are here for him and together we can accomplish everything!!!

So that's it again.. hope you enjoyed the red/black combo.. look forward to visiting your blog again and seeing what you create..
Thanks for your visit.
Have a wonderful Week ahead!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have a few more projects lined up for a few weeks but after they are done and I am not here I don't know when I will post more. I will be leaving to go home on Friday.
We have submitted a Humanitarian request several weeks ago to be sent home to be with my Family while my Dad is possibly undergoing dangerous surgery and chemo therapy.
I have asked you all for Prayers so here is what is going on. My Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and suspected Bone Cancer. Parts of his Bones are under attack but had (as of 3 weeks ago) not yet metastasized. The 2nd Hospital isn't able to do the Surgery he needs anymore (remove part or all of 1 of his Lungs as well as it's pushing into the Trachea and they have to remove something there) and referred him to yet another Clinic that specializes in Lung cancer. They met with the Surgeon there who would do the Surgery but has to consult with all the other Dr's my Dad will need due to his Heart, Diabetes and other illnesses.
My Dad was admitted back into the Hospital last Night and things got worse during the night so he was taken  by ambulance to the Clinic 3 1/2 hours away. He was to be there Wed. We are waiting to hear when they will do the Surgery. I have booked my Flight and will be leaving Friday. I have made arrangements for my Kids since my Husband was sent away for 3 Weeks TDY for his upcoming unexpected Deployment.
Please keep my Dad in your Prayers that they can get all the Cancer out and the Chemo will take care of the Bones that are under attack and for him to be strong as he knows what my Sister went through...
Please pray for my Mom and Sister to be strong. They have gone through this before with my Sister and they are facing a hard road again.
Please also pray that the Military will finally approve our request even if the odds are against us. The Military requires a Life expectancy from the Dr and in Germany it is not custom to write anything of that sort so we will never get anything like that. There isn't any Information on it and could not be provided.. Here in the US you can type things into google and Information pops up!! Germany is different!!!
Anyways I am sorry I will be absent and also won't be able to leave comments for a bit!!!
I hope you will understand and stand by me till I am back!!!
Thanks and God bless

Monday, August 27, 2012

oh L@@K.. it's Dorothy?

Ha ha.. Dorothy from Elmo's World.. Yes I still watch Elmo occasionally.. Here is a recent Club Card we made.. I really like the Build a Blossom Stamp set and Punch and look what you can do with it.. a Fishy :)
The Hostess wanted quick and easy and she has a few Fish that we won at the Local Fair a few weeks back so thought this was perfect or her.. and I was right.. She loved it..
What do you think? There are so many things we can create with a punch.. just let your imagination wander for a bit..
Thanks for stopping in.. join me next Week for another cute creation :)
God bless!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Girl

So many People I know are pregnant right now and everyone with a little Girl.. So since (again) I am not sleeping much I sneak into my craft space and try to create some things..Here is a Card I found on Pinterest that I fell in love with . aren't they just adorable?

Anywho because I need some cute Baby Girl Cards I decided to CASE the above to the best that I could..
Here is my take on it.
I think it turned out quite nice.. but I will play with more :) getting a bit of my mojo back because it is the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane right now..
Thanks for visiting..
Wishing you all a blessed Week!!!